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We service and repair all models and brands of sink and faucets in Austin. If your sink or faucet is dripping water, the hot or cold doesn’t come on or you have other issues with your sink and faucet, simply call us and we will take care of rest, bringing back your sink and faucet to normal working order. Call us anytime to schedule an appointment for your Austin sink and faucet repair service. Certainly we will work with your schedule when we set up your Austin sink and faucet service appointment. For a convenient Austin sink and faucet service appointment, call us 24 hours 7 days a week at:


If it’s more convenient for you, you can contact us via email for your sink and faucet appointment in Austin. In your email, please specify your zip code, name, phone number and a brief explanation of the sink and faucet issue. As soon as we receive the email, we will contact you, so that we can schedule your Austin-area sink and faucet repair service appointment.

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This text will help you to gain more knowledge about your sink and faucet systems in Austin. This will be helpful for you to use your plumbing utilities effectively and efficiently so that you save on sink and faucet repair bills while also extending the life of your sink and faucet systems.
WARNING FROM AUSTIN PLUMBING: Do not take chances with your personal safety. This text is only for sink and faucet learning purpose. We never suggest that you do get involved with sink and faucet repairs on your own. Any sink and faucet repairs require professional training, knowledge and experience with water, gas or electric systems. Undertaking such repairs can be extremely unsafe if you don't have the appropriate knowledge and training. For professional sink and faucet repair service in Austin call us any time at:


Removing a flush-mount sink

Of course, there's always the possibility the sink was installed improperly. The tabs may not have been bent or the corner clips were not installed. A heavy, flush-mounted cast iron sink may break loose because of old rusted or corroded clips. If you're removing a heavy cast iron sink, follow these safety procedures to prevent the sink from falling on you as you remove the rim clips:
Place a 2x4 across the top of the sink that's long enough to rest on the countertop on both sides of the sink.
Place a couple of short pieces of lx2s or 2x2s that are long enough to span the drain holes under the sink.
Use a short piece of rope or wire to tie the long 2x4 to the short boards under the sink.

Fixing a Leaky Sink Ceramic disk-type faucet

A ceramic disk-type faucet is reliable and usually doesn't require much maintenance. Faucets can be a bit tricky to take apart, however. Older faucet models are held together by screws underneath the faucet, so if you can't figure out how to get the faucet handle off, look under the counter and you should see a couple of brass screws. Loosen these and the whole cover and handle will come off the faucet, revealing the valve cartridge.
1. Remove the faucet handle.
Lift the faucet handle to its highest position to expose the set screw holding it in place. Use an Allen wrench or screwdriver to turn the set screw in a counterclockwise direction, and then lift off the faucet handle. With the handle off, pull the faucet decorative trim cap up and off the cartridge body.
2. Remove the faucet valve seals and cartridge assembly.
Loosen the two screws on the top of the valve cartridge and lift the faucet assembly off the faucet body.
3. Replace the faucet rubber seals.
You can find several rubber seals under the cartridge — replacing them stops most faucet leaking. If you replace these seals and the faucet still leaks, the faucet valve cartridge, which contains the ceramic disks, is worn and must be replaced.
4. Take the faucet cartridge assembly to your local hardware store or home center and purchase a replacement kit.
5. Install the new faucet cartridge according to the instructions in the kit.
The kit will contain new o-rings to seal around the faucet body. Be sure to replace these even if the old ones look like they're in good shape.

For professional sink or faucet repair service in Austin call us 24/7 at